Finding Out the Truth of the Missing Women

The adventurers ending up finding themselves being whisked away by a portal end up in the middle of what seems like a king’s chamber. Surrounded by guards the party talks their way out of being attacked as they explain where they came from and how they got there. After further explanation they find themselves in the Kingdom of Odan. The king being as peaceful as an individual as he is envelops the parties helps in dealing with a personal matter concerning the Kingdom. As it stands the kingdom has its hands full dealing with foreign matters of their war against the Imperial City. The king asks the party to seek out a cave the the far southeast past the forest of death. This cave has something to do with the current disappearances of women within the realm. And thus the king treats the group of adventurers to the luxuries of food, alcohol, and some gold in their pockets. With information in hand the adventurers prepare themselves as they seek out the forest of death the first step in the task. The swampy marshes prove to be the most menacing of areas; completely surrounded by fog and wet mud the party finds their travels to be slowed and as such camp for the first night. The second day the party tries to push through only to be attacked by a hostile group of trents and a crazed hermit. The party rushing in foolishly finds this group of enemies to be almost unbeatable until they are saved by a fire-breathing dragon in the sky. After this bout the party learns more about this AEther topic and how its use is to modify the body. After moving on and getting past the forest the party comes upon the cave that they seek. The cave is dark and the temperatures are chilling. The party finds what they had sought out behind a hidden wall. It was a group of drows who had been abducting the women and performing ritualistic trials upon them. After a hard fought battle the party comes upon treasures that the drows had been collecting. A glinting sword caught everyone within the groups interest only to find themselves unable to pick up the sword. The bard of the group had the bright idea to cast a lust spell onto the sword, in which the sword took it and impaled him. The campaign ended with the group making camp within the cave.

Escaping Imprisonment

Lost and in unknown territory the groups of adventurers awake from a peculiar dream to a cell room concealed in total darkness. To their avail they are trapped and seek escape. Members scurry to salvage what they can and learn of others who are also trapped within the realms of the prison. As the party finally connects they group together in order to escape. Little do they know of the wretches that await them, and as with each turn and corner within the prison are littered bodies of the dead. When they finally reach a point of which they feel they can escape they are disjointed by a surprise attack of an unknown alchemist. The gnome monk of the party that was almost found dead underneath rubble within his cell foolishly jumps and tries to save this unknown alchemist from a deadly fall, “claiming it was for loot”. Knowing how dumb it really was to jump he found that the only way to redeem his honor was through seppuku., either this or he has gone mad and as such he tried to end it all by throwing shuriken’s up in the air to kill himself. The party traveling with him knew not of his idiocies until lest realized through these audacious acts. Not wanting to take care of such he was stabbed and killed. The campaign ended with the whisk of a portal and the party was teleported away.


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